Diabetes Mellitus is considered to be one of the most common diseases in the UK. There are two types of diabetes, however, both can result in damage to the nerves (feelings of numbness) and Peripheral Arterial Disease (poor circulation). As the foot is the furthest appendage from the central nervous system and the heart, trauma and infection in the diabetic foot can result in serious problems.

Diabetic treatment

Having diabetes means that the well being of your feet is of even greater importance. High blood sugar can make the skin a breeding ground for bacteria and because an infection that doesn’t heal can lead to serious complications, it is essential that the diabetic patient prevents infections with careful foot care. Examining your feet on a daily basis and regular maintenance visits with a Foot Health Practitioner is recommended.

Diabetic prevention

Prevention is better than cure, so assistance in getting diabetes under control with sound nutritional advice and emotional support, is an essential part of the service when treating someone with diabetes. Andrea provides a weight loss/management programme together with emotional support using tools of NLP.

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